June 12, 2023

A Wild Flower Morgan Hill Motherhood Session

There is nothing I love more than documenting motherhood – don’t get me wrong – I love each and every photo session for different reasons, but motherhood really tugs at my heart. Being in this season of mothering myself, I see each stage a reason to celebrate – a reason to get dressed up, bring your babies out, and get in front of the camera. After all, they’re only little once, right? No seriously…as cliché as it sounds, have you ever looked back on photos in astonishment at just how fast it goes? I look back on my own pictures with my kids…the ones where I thought it was simply too chaotic to take them, where I didn’t love how I looked in that moment, where I thought we didn’t need pictures that year…those portraits are the ones that I cherish most, the ones that I am so grateful for taking the time to take, regardless of how crazy it may have felt in the moment. Watching myself grow into motherhood right alongside my babies, that is truly special. I am so grateful for the opportunity to get to capture and do the same for so many beautiful mamas each year during my annual Motherhood Petite Sessions.

Let me just tell you…this session was so special to me for so many reasons. The morning light was shining through the trees just right, the tall green grass – blossoming with signs of spring – was just the right length to go exploring in, this breathtaking mama and her darling trio and the love they share for each other…pure motherhood perfection ♡

This session shot entirely on Fuji400H medium format film

Film Scans by PhotoVision

Mama’s Gorgeous Dress by Dôen

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